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BILBAO RECLINER ARMCHAIR: The ultimate choice in comfort, style, and functionality, this electric recliner offers massage, heat, reclining, and a rising ability to help you stand up. With soft padding and full lumbar support, this is the perfect recliner chair.


STYLISH DESIGN: The electric recliner is upholstered in super-soft bonded leather and would suit most living areas and studies. You can enjoy the gently warming, heated backrest on a cold winter's day. It is simple to operate, relax and recline. With side pockets for controllers and handy drink holders, once you're fully reclined and ready for a snooze, you really won't want to leave this recliner.


SIMPLE TO USE:  Dual motor rise and recline chairs give the user more flexibility and greater control over the chairs position. The inclusion of a Dual Motor system allows the Back and Footrest to be operated independently to ensure maximum comfort for the user. With the touch of a button, you can go from a seating position to a reclined position or almost a standing position without effort.


COMFORTABLE AND SUPPORTIVE: The Bilbao recliner is upholstered in bond leather with extra thick foam padding and will provide extraordinary comfort, stretchy and bounce to lay back and relax in. It's built from wood and solid steel with an anti-tipping counter-balanced lift mechanism, designed for big and tall.


EASY ASSEMBLY: Quick and hassle-free assembly process for your convenience. Includes detailed instructions that are simple to follow for quick self-assembly in the home.
From box to use within 10 minutes.

Bilbao - Leather - Recliner - Chair - Manual

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